We invite you into a moment of “Haiya!”

“Haiya” is a swahili exclamation of surprise or delight.

Our Vision is to create a delightful treasure chest of stories from Africa.

Our Mission is to create a portal of audio stories, poems, songs and other creative, and uniquely African art forms for the children and families of the world.

The stories that make us laugh; those that make us smile or cry… they form an integral part of who we are; and of what defines our cultures and history. We can only hold these treasures delicately in our hands – like precious gifts.

We are open to partnerships that advance the cause for which we exist. We seek to forge and sustain relationships that stand for this cause.

We invite you to join us in this treasure hunt – share your stories with us, with your circles and the world. We would like to provide as much free content as possible because stories are our treasure.